Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Car Manufacturer Returning!

 A new manufacturer is returning to Brunei market!!!
Can you guess which car manufacturer is making a big return after missing in Brunei for more then a decade!

Quick's not Japanese, Korean, German, French or American car manufacturers!

Project : W210 - MP3 Casstte Player

Now that my car Becker player is in working order I decided to go a bit old skool on the music.  The CD changer in the W210 is already busted and I also didn't want to go back to using CD.  So I went online and did some searching and found this.  A MP3 cassette player!

For you millennial, this was my mp3 player back in the 80s to late 90s!  This particular version I have here is a bit different as it do two things, a cassette tape and a MP3 player.  It can hold at least 64gig of music whereas the real cassette that we have back in the days can hold around 10-12songs only!!!!

This MP3 cassette player came with all the usual buttons and a memory card slot.  Its very simple to use, just pop in the memory card and put in the cassette tape into the player!  When you not using it as a MP3 cassette tape, you can use it as a normal MP3 player on the go!

A remote control is also included

To use this first we need to charge it

And yeah it works!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Project : W210 - Becker Radio Code Part.2

For you younger generation readers.  BECKER was a big supplier of car audio to big players like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche.  Not sure what happened to them nowadays as many car player like Alpine, JBL, B&O are taking over the car industry.  

The player model in my car is called the GRAND PRIX.  As you can see the serial number is located on the side of the player.  Now that I have the serial number of my Becker player the next thing to do now is to go online at RADIOCODE and request the password.  The process is very easy but of course it ain't free!  They charge 8.99pound for my Becker player.  I received the code immediately on-screen and thru email once they received the payment. 

All I need to do is just key in all 4 digits and BOOM! The player is now officially unlocked!  Oh they can also retrieve password for your other branded players such as Alpine, Clarion or other car brands too!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Project : W210 - Becker Radio Code Part.1

Older cars like this W210 comes with Becker player that will system lock itself when you unhook or replace the car battery.  As you can see, a warning "CODE" will be shown asking for pass code.  The car actually come with a key card that consist of 4 digit pass code.  The problem is I couldn't find them in the car nor at my parent house.  So I did some research online and was told there are several website that can actually provide you the pass code!

 In order to get the pass code a serial number is needed from the car player. So I became handy and decided to tackle this job.  So first order of the day is to find the serial number that is needed to submit for pass code.  The problem is the serial number of the player is located behind or beside the player.  So removing the player is imminent.

 To remove the Becker player I recall it needed two keys opener and thank god these keys are still inside my W210 manual or else it will be a big task to remove the Becker player.

See the two tiny hole on each sides?  Plug-in the key opener into both holes

Once the key opener is lock and secure you can just pull the player out!  Simple and Easy!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Project W210 - Boot Handle Replaced!

Remember my boot handle?  Well the driver's side is missing a piece and the handle is showing its age and cracks can be seen and it is breaking apart.

I paid around BND40 to get this item from eBay UK. This part is an easy fix and it took me less then 5mins to replace.  I bought this part used because it came with the same color as my car, so I do not have to worry about painting.  Brand new this part cost around BND$200.00.

The condition of the boot handle is pretty good. No scratch or damage!

This new part came off from a E-Class wagon from UK that will be scraped.  And the car shared the same boot handle part numbers.


Monday, April 2, 2018

Project : W210 - Key Fob Issue

The W210 is one of the earliest car model to use key fob instead of the traditional key.  I have here two version of key fobs from Mercedes Benz that belong to my W210.  The smaller key fob on the left is the newer version and the one on the right is the original version I received when bought the car new.  We actually received a pair of original key fobs when we bought the car.  Half way thru its life my family member misplaced the key fob and a replacement was replaced.  If memory recall the key fob replacement cost a whopping BND$600++ from Jati Transport Mercedes Benz.  

Today I tried to use the older key to start the car and sadly it didn't work.  The newer still work like a charm but I would prefer to have a spare on standby in case of any emergency.  So I opened the key fob to try and replace the battery only to find out something is wrong with the key fob board.

Not sure what happen here but I think the loose wiring is the main culprit here.  I have no skill on repairing this problem so we will have to put this aside first.

Another option is to order another set of key from a third party company.  Recently this kind of shop has been popping out in many countries and I found out our neighboring country, Miri, has a few shops that cater this type of needs.  I called them up and they charged about RM1200 (BND390+) for a set of new key.  It require your car to be physically there for 2 to 3 hours so they can reprogram the key to the ECU.

Don't think I want to spend so much money for just one key so we will have to wait for cheaper or other alternative.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Day I Sat In A.....Nissan Cube Gen.III

Finally got a chance to sit in the current Nissan CUBE Gen.III last weekend.This is not just any Nissan Cube but the Rider Autech Ver.  Comes with a full original Autech bodykit and wheels.  If you are not familiar with Autech, they are sort of like the AMG or Brabus of Nissan.  Specialise only in customizing Nissan only with full manufacturer warranty!

I have to be honest not everyone will like the CUBE just like the JUKE.  Is either you really like the car or you really hate the car looks or shape. For me I am always a fans of Nissan CUBE Gen.II & Gen.III.

This car is spacious, as spacious as my MINI Countryman.  I didn't get the chance to drive it so I cannot comment on anything but was told by the owner it is sluggish due to the CVT gearbox.  Apart from that it's good for city driving as it is very comfortable.  As this is the first CUBE Gen.III in Brunei, you can tell a lot of people have never seen this car.  One will get a lot of stare and thumbs up as said by the owner!

The car name is CUBE and yet we have circular shape design on the roof

Friday, March 30, 2018

My Nissan Skyline ER34 BOMEX...Throwback To 2004!

Good morning readers!  Sorry for not posting much lately as I was away for school holiday in HongKong for 2 weeks.  

Today I want to show you guys my car way back in 2004.  These pictures were taken in a mini car show at  some parking garage, I think this is at Jerudong Park carpark lot. It was a fun road trip to this event as several of my friends convoyed together to the event.  

The kit shown here is full BOMEX kit coupled with my very first ADVAN wheels, Super Generation II.  Those wheels had customised offset for my ER34!

Which one do you guys prefer?  The old BOMEX or the current DO-LUCK?  One thing for sure I missed is that cool front mount intercooler by HKS.  It has two beautiful piping bended in and out of the bumper which looks very unique.