Sunday, March 11, 2018

Car Spotting In Brunei - Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34

This is a very very very old picture taken in July 2004.  You can see my yellow car and a very very handsome blue Nissan Skyline R34.  This is the GT-R I was talking about, the one and only imported R34 GT-R to ever imported in Brunei even till today.   The remaining GT-R in Brunei is either a Malaysia neighbouring car or Skyline with fake GT-R badge.  

This car is fitted with genuine aero- kit from Veilside, its called the VS-GT and this one also has the option carbon fibre Veilside spoiler.  This car has since changed a few hands and the aero-kit had been sold and retro fitted to a Nissan Stagea Autech.

This car has lots of stories behind it.  It was once a full blown drag car competing in Miri Drag Race. It was then up for sell at a used-car dealer for a mere BND70K.  I really regret not buying that car when it was available.  One main reason is because the engine still require fixing so that put me off. This particular car is currently recsiding in K.B and has changed to grey color.  It's quite sad we don't get to see this car in its old glory form....

Sorry about the grainy picture because I was using a Nokia phone and social media wasn't a thing yet.

Here is the actual VS-GT aero

Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Car In Brunei - Porsche ??

Tonight at 7PM, Porsche Brunei will launch a new model into the market.  Can you guess the car?

Car For Sale - MINI Cooper S Coupe Convertible JCW

Another imported car post,  this is the one and only Mini Cooper S Coupe Convertible JCW in Brunei! This one is the big daddy of them all, the JCW version!.  Comes with uprated horsepower, unique genuine JCW aeros and  handling package for that zippy road of Brunei.

This one just landed not too long ago and needs a new owner.  If your pocket got extra BND$45,000 you can consider this beautiful rare ride! New one will set you around BND$75,000 ~ +BND$80,000 depend on options. Loan can be arrange as well as my friend is a licensed used-car dealer!

Car For Sale - Mini Cooper S Clubman Hampton Edition

Anyone looking for a wagon to carry their goods?  My friend just imported this Clubman Hampton Edition from Japan!  You can have this car for just BND$38,800!  Conditions is very good so let me know if anyone is interested in this ride!

Car Spotting In Brunei - Audi R8 Gen.II

Here we have the one and only AUDI R8 Gen.2 in Brunei. What a way for bragging rights! This car was spotted in The Empire Hotel by one of our avid reader.  He practically took car spotting to a whole new level by sending me every angles of this beautiful blue car.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Project : W210 - Trouble Shoot The Parktronic

Today I will be removing the front bumper so that I can check the conditions of the Parking Sensor or as Mercedes Benz called it, Parktronic.  As mentioned in many of my earlier W210 post, the front bumper of my W210 had a minor accident and the bumper was torn apart by a truck during a corner of a street.  That incident damaged my baffle plates and also one parktronic sensor.   

 The Parktronic had been disabled for more then 10 years because it will not function even if one sensor is not working. I need to make sure all the Parktronic sensors and harnesses are in working order before sending this car for respray.

So to check, first I need to remove the front bumper and the body under panels.  It's a straight forward job by just removing all the bolts and screws

Once the under panel is out as shown above I can begin removing the bumper.  There are only 4 bolts holding the bumper with the car body.

First bolt as shown here

Second bolt as shown here

Third bolt as shown here and forth on the other side

Then you slowly pull the bumper out and here it is!

The top picture is one of the harness connector for one of the Parktronic.  There are 6 in the front and 4 at the back.  And thank god all of the harness are in working order.  How do I know?  Well, I had been doing a lot of research on these Parktronic online. To know whether the Parktronic or harness is functioning or not all you need to do is switch on your engine and put your finger on the Parktronic sensors and feel for vibration.  Because the Parktronic uses ultra-sonic wave you can actually feel the wave vibrating! Another way to check is to put your ear on the Parktronic sensors and listen for vibration or knocking.  I tried both methods and it works!  

So here is what I found. I took a working Parktronic sensor and tried it on all the 6 harness connectors at the front bumper. As mentioned earlier all the harness connectors are working just fine. I also tried all 6 Parktronic sensors on the harness connector and found out 3 of the Parktronic sensors in the front are no longer working.  One of Parktronic sensor is a purchases I bought online at Aliexpress.  So now I need to get 3 units of Parktronic sensors for the front.  

As for the rear bumper, I have to engage to reverse gear to engage the Parktronic. Again using feel for the vibration and I am glad all four are vibrating!  So it means the harness connector and Parktronic are working fine!

The three broken Parktronic sensors

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Project : W210 - Boot Button Replaced

Good day readers!  Back to Project : W210 again.  It is going very smoothly so far and I am very happy about it.  Today we will look into installing the gear shift console.

I actually do not need the console or the window buttons.  The key button that I am in for is that "Boot" button as shown.  Project : W210 is 20 years old and that button had seen some pretty abuse when we cross border shopping to Miri. LOL.  So somewhere along the line one of my sibling broke and lost the button.  Mercedes Benz do not sell just the boot button.  It is a completed parts with the window buttons and  cost about BND$250~$300.00 brand new!  This one cost me just BND$37.00

So the first step is to just simply pull out the center console as shown above.  Then remove all the switches from the console as shown below.

Then you just unscrew and unclip the part and swap the new one in!  Simple as that.  Oh by the way the part I bought share the same part number as my car so I know it will fit perfectly.  Only problem is whether it will work or not.

And here we go.  The boot button is back in business!!!  And yes it works like a charm!!!!  One more problem eliminated!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Project : W210 - Indicator Replacement

Here are the new tinted side indicators that I just replaced myself.  The standard indicator for W210 is white color.  For this I wanted to be a little different thats why I chose the tinted version as I think it will blend in well with the new paint job that I have plan for this car.  We will see how it goes, if I don't like it we can always go back for the white version.

The replacement took less then 2 mins for both sides.  It is very easy to work on, only tiny problem I have was the old indicator broke into many pieces while I tried to remove it~.

After installing both side indicators I went for a test run on the working condition of both side indicators.  Sadly, the connector for the bulb on the exposed old indicator no longer working.  It is an easy fix but I will leave it to the painter when I pit the car for repaint in the future.